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Our philosophy

We believe that only by solving challenges you can grow quickly and unleash your full potential. When faced with a challenge, you will leverage your experience, harness provided and external resources, develop a plan and push forward to find the best solution. Along the way, there is experimentation, failure, and ultimately success. First, you will get an explanation of the topic and then you will face the practical challenge. Got stuck? No problem, you can always check provided step by step instructions.

Available Courses

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Learn how to instrument your Lambda functions with OpenTelemetry, Cloud Native Computing Foundation project and send traces to AWS X-Ray.



What you will learn Serverless is an execution model in which the cloud provider runs servers and manages them. The easiest way to summarise it is by asking following question:…




Our labs will prepare you for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. Certification is intended for individuals who perform in a solutions architect role. This exam validates an ability to…



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